photo courtesy of timothy paule

Beginnings always feel strange. Especially when this is not exactly the beginning, but a regurgitation of past beginnings. The many blogs I’ve created before this have all begun somewhat differently, but one thing they’ve had in common is this feeling of excitement, possibility and freshness that gets me through the somewhat tedious “first post” every time.  

So hello! Welcome. I don’t know how you found yourself in my little corner of the internet, but I’m glad you’re here. Perhaps now you’re wondering a little bit about where you’ve landed, and what the intent behind this blog is anyway.

Well, at one of the previous beginnings, on a much older version of Figuring It Out that has since vanished into the ether, I created this blog to document my journey out of college and into a strange and confusing post-college world. I blogged in phases about things I loved (like writing, travel, and books) and though I had some fun with that, it never seemed to encompass enough of what I wanted to say.

It wasn’t until I opened myself up to talking about more of what I’m passionate about – spreading joy and positivity, creating art, and being comfortable with the way I live my life – that things seemed to click. Figuring It Out has now transformed into a lifestyle blog dedicated to creatives, recovering perfectionists and joy-seekers.

If you’re someone trying lead a more cohesive and less chaotic life; if you’re a creative person seeking more consistency with your art; if you want to seek out and surround yourself with more of what brings you joy and delight then you’re in the right place. Posts here are designed to be practical resources, conversation starters, and idea sparkers to help guide you in figuring “it” (whatever that “it” may be for you) out by giving you a sense of belonging, inspiration, and motivation to act.

While I have figured out a lot over these past few years of on and off blogging and, well, life, I’m still discovering more ways to live a life that encompasses these three qualities of balance, creativity and joy, and I’m happy to continue to learn and share more about it on this little platform.

photo by Zoe Burchard

I suppose I should introduce myself to those of you who haven’t the barest idea of who will be behind all of these posts.

I’m Chelsea, as the name of the site address may have given away. I’m a 20-something year old living in Seattle, WA, a fantasy writer, a part-time homebody, part-time adventurer and full-time optimist. I love thrifting and giving second-hand goodies a new home, reading furiously to make a dent in my overflowing bookshelves, and will never turn down a new plant. I’m a budding design enthusiast, an amateur knitter, a lover of hummingbirds and French fries, and am forever in search of the perfect pair of pants to fit my sub-five-foot frame.  It’s nice to meet you!

If you’ve made it this far, thanks again for sticking with me through the standard introductory post. I hope you’ll hop on this blogging journey with me! I will be posting weekly (ish) to start, and can’t wait to be back next week with more. In the meantime, you can find me on Instagram @chelseareana or follow my increasing boards of randomness and things I love on Pinterest @crbooks1.