Chelsea Figures It Out

travel + wellness in the PNW


Photo taken by Zoe Burchard

Figuring It Out is a lifestyle blog dedicated to creatives, recovering perfectionists and joy-seekers. Here, you’ll find posts that encourage you to cultivate joy, foster creativity and strive for a balanced life. Every post is designed to be a practical resource, a conversation starter, or an idea sparker to help guide you in figuring “it” (whatever that “it” may be for you) out by giving you a sense of belonging, inspiration, and motivation to act.

As for me? I’m Chelsea, a twenty-something year old living in Seattle, a fantasy writer who loves getting lost in a good story, a part-time homebody, part-time adventurer and full-time optimist.

Figuring it out originally started as a way for me to document my journey out of college into the strange and confusing post-college world. I blogged in phases about things I love, but it wasn’t until I focused on more of what I’m passionate about– spreading joy and positivity, creating art, and being comfortable with the way I live my life – that things seemed to click. I have figured out a lot over these post-college years, but I’m still discovering more ways to live a life that encompasses these three qualities, and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

I hope you’ll hop on that journey with me- and here’s to all the adventures to follow.